Why your small business marketing needs these Google tools.

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When running a small business it can be hard to fit in even the most basic marketing activity alongside all of the other tasks needed to run a company. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of Google tools which help make it all a little bit easier. Granted, these tasks still require a bit of time invested, but can be completed easily in a few hours and are well worth the time invested.

Help your business be found on Google the easy way.

Google My Business

This is a free tool which when set up properly can help you get your business listed on Google for free. It’s particularly important for local businesses as it shows your business on Google maps and in map listing which is the first thing searchers see in the results.

Go to Google my business – and follow the instructions to set your business up. Make sure you complete as much information as possible including opening hours, all contact information, the correct website address and of course your correct business address. If you don’t serve customers from your business address you can tick a box, indicate your geographical reach and Google will show your listing in this area, but not your physical address. This is ideal for businesses who operate from home or on location.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a social network that, in comparison to the big names like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc is a bit of a flop. However, Google favour businesses who publish content frequently on Google Plus. This means if you keep your Google Plus page up to date then your Google My Business listing will creep up the ranks into the lucrative top 3 position.

To set up a Google Plus Page simply log in to your Google account. If you don’t have one, you can create one here

Then, look for the G+ logo to set up your account. You’ll need your business details, a strong tag line and your logo to get started.

Remember to update your page at least once a week for best results.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must have Google tool to monitor your website traffic. It provides you with clear insights into how many people are reaching your website, where they are coming from and even provide information on their geographical location.

To set up Google analytics for your website you may need some support from your website manager or developer. Get started on Google Analytics here.

There are a whole host of great tools on offer from Google but these three are the most useful for small businesses in our opinion.

At NU MEDIA DIGITAL Ltd we use the whole suite of Google approved tools to assist our customers in gaining the coveted page one positions in Google search. So far we’ve achieved more than 437 keywords on page one of Google for our customers. Try the tricks above and see how you get on but if you need some help reaching the top spot then give our team of expert digital marketers a call.

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