Small Business Marketing using the World Cup

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The World Cup has been the big topic of conversation this month as England have played their way into the semi finals for the first time since the 1960’s!

Several big brands have taken advantage of the interest and used the World Cup as a tool to sell more products and get more attention online.

Aldi announced on social media that all of their store colleagues will be given time off to watch tonight’s game.

Paddy Power have made reference to the Neymar fall more times than I care to imagine! Viral videos of kids football teams practising ‘The Neymar’ as the latest key skill!

The endless ‘it’s coming home’ memes! Don’t pretend you haven’t seen them! Even George Ezra has added it to his tv advert….. did you spot that one!?

It’s all good fun and as a small business it can be hard to understand how you can use the attention around the World Cup to benefit your business.

Small Business Marketing using the World Cup

Here’s a few ideas of how local businesses can maximise on the World Cup.

Local bars, pubs, restaurants 

This is an easy industry to maximise on the World Cup attention. Pubs and bars can show the game and decorate the pub with flags and league tables. Restaurants can do theme menus depending on who is playing. Have fun with it, did someone mention a giant football piñata?!

Home and Interiors 

If people are watching the game at home, they’re going to want to be in comfortable surroundings. What would feature in your perfect World Cup viewing Room? Or, how to throw a great World Cup party at home. Don’t miss a second of the World Cup with a new Tv. This could even extend as far as some cute ‘it’s coming home’ memes of your own. It’s coming home to a luxurious new bathroom (for example).

Business Services

Announcing your office/business plans for the World Cup can help your customers and potential customers feel a more personal connection with you. If you’re all heading to the local pub to watch the game, tell your social media followers! Or, be like Aldi and promote what a great employer you are for letting staff go home early!

Trade services

You can have some real fun here. Playing football on site, preparing for the game with a big mug of tea, doing a Neymar while carrying some materials. A funny video is ideal to show your personality and help customers feel more comfortable contacting you.

Of course, be careful and don’t do anything the health and safety exec on site would be upset over!

Other ideas

If you’re still struggling for inspiration of how you can use the World Cup to promote your local business on social media then these simple ideas will also do the trick!

Competition – Share our Good Luck England post and if they win we’ll enter you into a draw to win (prize).

A simple, it’s coming home photo banner or write it’s coming home on one of your business cards, flyers, menu etc!

Or, avoid the World Cup altogether and start doing posts about Love Island instead!

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