Is It a Good Idea to Use Social Media for Growth of Your Business?

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Businesses nowadays realise the power of social media marketing. They understand its increasing necessity in the race to stay prominent, relevant while attracting new customers. Gone are those days when the secretaries used to be the key point of contact between the outer world and the office. But the role has been efficiently replaced by the websites as well as social media profiles. Social media services comes really handy for the growth of any business. More than 35 percent consumers follow their preferred brands on social media. Over 25 percent Internet-savvy consumers use social networking sites to research different brands and products. With more number of consumers turning to social networking sites and their gadgets during their buying journey, there are surely many practical reasons why should the business remain active on social media and use its power for the enhancement of their brands.

social media for business growth

Here are some essential benefits of using social media for business growth.

  • Enhanced brand awareness and exposure– Social media is the most effective online platform to expose a product or service to the new eyes as well as the existing ones. With just a single click of the button or a touch on the keypad of the phone, your message can be made visible to multitude of consumers. The platforms help you find prospects who are already discussing about your business and other information you can share to reach even more potential consumers.


  • Knowing about your target audience–Social media provides insight into your target audience. As you come to know about your audience, you can discover more innovative ways to reach them by means of content or advertising. Targeting and serving to this level will definitely lead to enhanced conversion. So you can always hire Social media services in Surrey to do effective social media marketing for your business on your behalf.


  • Feedback– Social media ensures instant feedback from the consumers – bad or good. You will hardly get time to know if your product or campaign is a success. Therefore, you need to respond to and resolve the mishaps quickly.


  • Customer service–Sometimes it happens that if a customer can’t reach you while facing any problem related to your product or service, he is likely to go ahead and post a complaint against you online. With social media you can address their issues, promptly. Consumers nowadays use social media as the means of contact with a brand and they usually expect a quick response, preferably within an hour.


  • New opportunity– Social media literally offers hundreds of opportunities to the business owners. Your social presence ensures more scopes to grow your business like anything. By having social profiles, you can address any negative comment or poor customer experience promptly and act accordingly to keep the customers happy while portraying that you really care for them. This would, at the end of the day, make your relation with the customers better and compel them to get back to you over and again.


  • Sales– If you can properly do the social media marketing, it can radically increase your company’s sales. A truly interested audience will definitely respond to your sales messaging and likely to be converted. Social media also allows consumers getting to know your brand, products and services while giving you more opportunities to gain their business.

These are a few benefits of implementing social media marketing into your business.

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