How to Make Your Website Worthy Ensuring Better Growth for the Business

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You can’t make a website worthwhile only by means of thought-provoking content or compelling design. It should be complemented with a style to feed into user experience as well as functionality while being simple to navigate and understand even at the first glance. Different users prefer different styles. However, there are some ground rules that must be followed while deciding on the look and feel of a site. And here are some effective tips that can take you towards the right direction while letting your customers hitched towards your business.


  • Create a proper plan – Don’t just start designing the site. Spend some time to decide on what to do to make the site meet the demands of your visitors and map out their journey from the beginning to the moment they become loyal customers. While designing the site, consider pages that the visitors are going to navigate, the content they will read and offers they are going to like. Design your site for the next step instead of the final step. It is about answering every question in the right way. And here the context comes into play. Consider what your existing customers already know and accordingly research what makes them become a customer from a visitor. And finally use the information to chalk out your plan.


  • Eliminate some elements from the site – Some elements on the site are surely going to detract from the key value and message you want to convey. According to website design services long content, complex animations, stocky images – these are some elements that you must remove from the website. With a visitor having an attention span of 8 to 10 seconds, you have to make the initial impression that gets the actual points across. This can be done with powerful yet short content, suitable icons or photographs sectioned off clearly with concise headers. Don’t use any jargon terminology or ambiguous language. It can make the things muddy while confusing the users. Avoid words like next generation, robust, scalable, cutting edge, and mission critical, flexible as they are over used by thousands of companies. This can hardly make your content as well as the webpage appealing.


  • Apply follow options and social share buttons – Offering great deals and attractive content won’t go far if you fail to provide your users with the opportunity to share whatever you have. If your site doesn’t contain social share buttons, you are actually missing lots of social medial traffic generated from the readers reading your content. Hire professional website design services in Sussex & Surrey as they will surely include social media buttons around of top or bottom of the blog pages and this will take your blogs or site on the social media platform of your visitors’ choice. They are utterly non-pushy tool encouraging social sharing through buyer personas.


  • Allow visitors to scroll the homepage – Don’t hesitate to make the homepage a bit longer. Include 3 to 5 sections to direct new as well as existing users to the right areas of your website ensuring a seamless experience for them.

These are a few of many things that can really make a website worthy to ensure better and quick growth for a business.

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