How to Ensure Greater Sales for Your Ecommerce Website through SEO

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SEO (search engine optimization) can literally double or even triple online sales for any customer-oriented ecommerce site. Proper ecommerce SEO along with conversion rate optimization can increase the traffic and the sales figure to a great extent. This was the hot topic mentioned by leading website SEO services in Surrey during a recent seminar. Here are some essential things that you should deal with carefully to ensure enhanced sales for your website.

Ecommerce Website SEO

  • SEO for new products – Good site structure, information architecture and internal link architecture – these are the key and vital things to contribute to rank new product pages higher. Just link respective categories from the home page while linking the product pages from category levels. This is an effective way to let Google find, crawl and index your new content first and link them from parent category pages.  SEO needs to be done properly. Proper optimization of the website is ensuring new products are presented on the home page so they can be easily found and indexed. This is good internal link architecture that helps get new pages indexed quickly and ranked higher.


  • SEO for expired products – Ecommerce websites, especially fashion, clothing and electronic stores, often have products that won’t come back. Their product ranges keep changing with time; new models and designs replace the older ones. Simply deleting those pages without taking any further action is not recommended. This will make you lose actual SEO value of the site. People who have already bookmarked the pages will receive only an error message.  You can hire professional SEO services in Surrey to manage the things tactfully.


  • Redirection to base category – All you need to solve visitors’ problem. If your site can provide them with other relevant products serving the same purpose as the obsolete item, direct the visitors to parent category.


  • Permanent 301 redirect – If the expired items are being replaced by newer models you can use permanent 301 redirect from the original page to the URLs holding newer products. This will inform Google that you now want this page to get indexed instead. This way you won’t lose your SEO value as well.


  • Reuse of URLs – If your ecommerce website sells generic products without having any requirement for model number or technical specification, you can reuse the URLs. This is the way to preserve authority of the page while increasing chances to get good Google ranking.


  • Removal of pages, content and URLs of expired products – If you have no relevant product to the ones already expired, just delete the page using a 410 status code to notify the search engine giant that the page has been removed permanently and won’t come back ever.


  • No change for some items – If there are products with informational values for the visitors, just leave the page as it is.


  • SEO for seasonal products – This is always recommended to strengthen this category. Emphasize product categories while linking seasonal products to them with links and breadcrumbs in the description section on the respective product pages. Optimize important product pages which have greater potential. Spend a good chunk of your SEO budget on strengthening product categories. If you are launching a new product and are positive about its potential popularity, you can add a ‘coming shortly’ page and provide some unique content. You can also add launching notifications along with pre-order forms. Now add social media to the page and warm up your prospective leads with original user-generated content.

Well, these are just a few things which can be managed properly with the help of good SEO you could wind up doubling the sales number of your store. However, there are many more things like user generated content, out-of-stock items, products images and videos and design for mobile devices that also should be properly taken care of in an SEO savvy way.

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