5 key things you need on your website to help it convert customers

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Creating a website for your business is a fine art. Not only must you design visually appealing site that’s modern and meets current SEO requirements but it also needs to be user friendly and contain enough information to engage your target audience and encourage them to buy.

Whether your site is selling shoes or services these 5 things are an absolute must on your new website to help convert visitors to customers.

Informative content

The single reason people search the web is to consume content. If a visitor has reached your website they are looking for answers to their questions about your product or services. Now, you want to give enough information about your products or services to show you are knowledgeable, but be careful, don’t give away too much. You want them to get in touch with you so offer some frequently asked questions and answers and encourage visitors to contact you by email, contact form or phone for more info! This way you can begin the sales process and you’ve just got yourself a lead.

A picture tells a thousand words

Words are undeniably important to get your message across, but images help to break up large quantities of text. Web users are faced with hundreds of pages of content each time they go online. Most people when faced with an expanse of text will bounce straight off and search elsewhere. You want to keep visitors on your site so make sure text is broken up by images and in manageable chunks to help encourage users through the page.


Long gone are the days of plain, static and let’s face it, dull websites. Future proof your website by including some subtle animation to add interest and improve the user experience. Even a simple rollover movement on an image or flashing clickable link will improve the user experience and encourage visitors to explore more of your website. Some examples of how you can use animation on your site include

  • Scrolling image banners
  • Rollover images
  • Flashing links
  • Videos

Clear contact information

The ultimate goal of your website is to encourage customers to contact or visit you. Therefor it is essential to make sure your contact information is clearly displayed on EVERY page. A contact page is also useful to include things like a map a contact form, your Vat reg or ltd company number as well as ALL of your business contact details. If you have multiple members of the team here would be a good place to list all of them and their respective contact details so users can reach the right person more easily.

Call to action

On each page of your website there needs to be clear call to action. Call to action guides the visitor to take the desired action on the page. It doesn’t have to be ‘buy now’ each time, even something as simple as ‘view the next page/article/download a brochure/ask us a question/contact us/book now etc. Whatever the desired action is make sure the instruction is clear. Call to action is usually displayed in a button. You can include up to 3 call to actions on a page, anymore than this and it will likely confuse the visitor about what they should do next.

Now that you know the 5 key elements that will help convert customers visiting any website it’s time to speak to the experts at NU MEDIA DIGITAL about your website build. We have built hundreds of websites for customers across the UK using our knowledge and experience to create modern and functional websites that serve as real assets to our customers.

Contact a member of our friendly team for a no obligation discussion and review of your current website. In some cases we can re-vamp existing sites rather than build new ones which can save some £££. So, give us a call for a cost-effective solution to your website needs.

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